Making a difference: Switcher's CSR programs and initiatives

Curious about how Switcher's CSR programs and initiatives are having a meaningful impact on animals and the environment? Get inspired as we explore incredible stories of change. Switcher goes above and beyond to make a difference in the world. Let's dive into the remarkable programs that set Switcher apart and empower you to be a part of positive change.

Animal shelter: where hope finds a home

Have you ever wondered how Switcher's shelter brings happiness to countless street dogs? Prepare yourself for moving stories of rescue and love. At the shelter, many street dogs have found their forever homes, and pregnant dogs have been rescued from distress and are now thriving in their new loving environment. In addition, Switcher has created a special unit to care for disabled dogs who need a safe haven, whether due to paralysis, loss of their legs due to accidents, or terminal illnesses. Here they receive the care and attention they deserve and live a life full of love and dignity.

Dog Shelter

A second chance for dogs affected by rabies

Switcher's commitment to animal welfare goes beyond the ordinary. Switcher's Sulochana production facility runs a special initiative that allows dogs affected by rabies a second chance at life. Instead of resorting to euthanasia, these dogs are allowed to live a peaceful and suffering-free life until the end. Sulochana's compassionate approach provides comfort and care to these dogs so they can find solace and love until their final moments.

Animal Shelter

Support for dogs with distemper: a haven of compassion

Compassion Canine distemper is a life-threatening virus that directly attacks the cranial nerves and also poses a significant threat to dogs. Traditionally, infected dogs have been euthanized in veterinary clinics. Switcher, however, is taking a different approach. Within their shelter, they have set up a special unit to care for dogs affected by this disease. Here, these dogs receive unlimited support and attention so that they can live their lives with dignity and comfort until their peaceful end. This gesture of humanity gives them a second chance, surrounded by love until the end.

Stray dogs

Tree planting: Caring for the environment

Switcher's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their animal welfare initiatives. They understand the importance of caring for the environment, and their tree planting processes are a testament to that. Switcher carefully selects seedlings from trusted suppliers, their team tests the soil, determines the quality of the soil, and plants the right trees. From casuarina trees to rosewood, teak, chinaberry and more, each tree variety is selected based on its compatibility with the soil. The inclusion of berry trees creates an organic environment for goats and birds and promotes a harmonious ecosystem for all living things. With over 12,000 plantings completed by 2022, Switcher has made a significant contribution to the conservation of our planet. Their efforts include a combination of casuarina and teak trees, ensuring a sustainable future.


Be the change with Switcher

As a fashion enthusiast and conscious consumer, you have the power to be part of the change. Join Switcher in their mission to make a difference. By supporting Switcher's CSR programs and initiatives, you'll help create a more compassionate world for animals and a greener planet for all. Together, we can be the change we want to see.

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