Sustainable materials at Switcher: organic cotton since 2001

Sustainable materials at Switcher: organic cotton since 2001

We are not here to make fashion. We are here to make a difference.

At Switcher, we have set ourselves the goal of using only products from 100% recycled or organic origin. As one of the first brands in Switzerland, the organic cotton was introduced in the range already in 2001. 

Why organic cotton?

  • 20% less nutrient input into the soil.
  • 70% less influence on acidification of the soil.
  • 91% less water consumption.
  • 46% less CO2 emissions.
  • 62% less energy consumption.
    This makes the potential of organic cotton all the more apparent: the positive effects for people and the environment are enormous if we return to more natural, sensible and sustainable cultivation.
      The water savings potential alone is great. In organic farming projects, cotton farmers learn how to use drip or furrow irrigation to manage water efficiently. In addition, organically managed soils are better able to retain moisture. Unlike conventional cultivation, only humus and plant slurry are used, and the use of agricultural poisons is prohibited. Proven mechanical methods and natural, non-GMO seeds are used. Weeding, the collection of pests and also the harvest are manual labor.

      Say yes to organic cotton and no to harmful chemicals!

      At Switcher, we are proud to offer a unique line of organic clothing that stands out from other brands. Here are some reasons why our organic t-shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, scarves, jumpsuits, and other garments are unique:

      Switcher organic cotton

      Why Switcher? Organic materials: We have been using organic cotton in our material mix since 2001. By 2026, we will only use recycled or organic fibers in our assortments.

      Ethics in manufacturing: We are committed to fair and honest manufacturing practices. We work with our partner in a vertically integrated production where every step of production takes place within a 5 km radius.

      Unique Design: Our garments are designed with style and comfort in mind. We use custom cuts, colors and patterns to create unique clothing. Our versatile pieces can be worn casual or dressy, making them perfect for any occasion.

      Durability: Our garments are designed to last. We use high quality materials and manufacturing methods to ensure our garments can withstand repeated wear and washing. This not only makes our clothing more sustainable, but it also saves you money.

        Commitment to Sustainability: We are focused on sustainability in everything we do. From the materials we use to the manufacturing methods we support, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainable fashion.

        At Switcher, we believe that Fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. Our unique line of organic clothing reflects this belief, and we are proud to offer garments that are not only beautiful, but also ethical and environmentally friendly.

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