Sustainable clothing since 1981

In the first 15 years of the 21st century, the global production volume of the entire clothing industry doubled. At the same time, the average wearing time of our clothing is decreasing.

Since 1981, Switcher has been setting a counter-trend with its sustainable basic concept based on the longevity of its textile products. At Switcher we believe that the solution to more sustainable fashion lies not only in the use of ecological, sustainably produced, recycled fabrics, but also in the longevity of the final product.

By 2026, we only want to produce textiles that are made with raw materials from organic farming or recycled materials of the highest quality. After all, only what you wear for a long time is sustainable. Fabrics that are left over in the factory at the end of the season are used for the new collection next season; in the spirit of "Use what you have before you think about new things." Sustainability comes from the heart: we want every item of clothing to be valued and thus set a counter-trend to disposable fashion.

Sustainable production from India to Switzerland. Is that possible?

98% of all Switcher products are manufactured in the traditional Indian factory Sulochana. A vertically integrated production, with all production steps within a radius of 5 kilometers.

The owner family Krishnakumar is committed to the environment, employees and the general population with its company Sulochana. The company "Sulochana Cotton Spinning Mills" was founded in 1992.
The Sulochana group of companies is now managed by the fifth generation of the Krishnakumar family.

Sulochana plants trees, runs an animal shelter and pharmacies
In addition to its high-quality products, the Sulochana Group is also known for its social commitment. Sulochana has already planted over 15,000 trees around the Indian city of Tirupur as part of its "Green Initiative". Sulochana has also been running an animal shelter for over 20 years. Here, street dogs and cows are professionally cared for and looked after. To improve the health of the population in the Indian cities of Tirupur and Coimbatore, the company has also set up two pharmacies. Here, employees and the local population can buy medicines at reduced prices.

Durable textiles are created from PET bottles

With Switcher products you also contribute to plastic waste reduction in India: Collected PET bottles are processed into polyester fibers. From this, new Switcher textile products are created.

According to a recent study, 25,940 tons of plastic waste are generated in India every day. Plastic pollutes the environment and partly ends up in the oceans and in the food of animals and humans. By buying Switcher products, you are indirectly helping to reuse PET waste in a sensible way. All polyester yarns from the new Switcher collection are made from recycled polyester from PET bottles.

5.5 million PET bottles are processed every day

The Sulochana textile plant processes 5.5 million PET bottles a day. It sources over 70 percent of the bottles from the local Indian market. Sulochana further processes the recycled polyester into polyester fibers and ultimately into textiles.

This PET recycling prevents the production of even more plastic, because no new crude oil has to be spun into yarn.