SWITCHER - Company history


Robin Cornelius founds the Switcher brand in Le-Mont-sur Lausanne (CH), known for its loose-fitting, comfortable, plain-colored polo shirts without lettering. The first collection comprised just two models: a T-shirt and a sweatshirt.


At a time of great historical upheaval, Switcher increasingly emphasizes social and environmental concerns. This era was characterized by accelerated globalization and increased outsourcing of production sites to developing countries, which resulted in unfair working conditions.


In cooperation with NGOs, Switcher is developing its own code of conduct for all suppliers, which is based on international standards, including working hours and minimum wages that are not based on government guidelines but on the Asia Floor Wage.


Establishment of the Switcher Foundation Fondation Switcher in India, which provides schools and a school bus for children from disadvantaged areas.


Switcher launches a Max Havelaar (Fairtrade) certified organic cotton collection and introduces the respect-code traceability label, which enables consumers to trace products along the entire supply chain.


Celebration of Switcher's 25th anniversary with an expansion of the product range.


Switcher is the only national brand to produce part of the Swiss Olympic team's collection and is launching a successful fan merchandising collection under the motto "Made with respect".


Due to disagreements between the owners, no solution could be found to restructure the brand, marking the end of an era for the iconic Switcher brand with the yellow whale.


Under the leadership of former Switcher marketing manager Marc Joss and in collaboration with Thomas Schütz from werk5, Switcher is revived under license on a smaller scale. Ten bestselling products are produced and successfully launched.


Together with Marc Joss, the Sulochana Group from Tiruppur founds Switcher Trading Sàrl, based in Frick AG, and relaunches the brand with over 45 products. Marc Joss takes over as Managing Director and the owner family Krishnakumar is committed to the environment, employees and the general public with their company Sulochana. The production chain is transparent and certified according to international standards. The company uses only renewable energy for textile production and relies on recycled materials.


Switcher successfully launches its new B2C online platform during the coronavirus crisis. Over 50 points of sale carry Switcher in their range.


A new milestone for the young company Switcher Trading Sàrl: the entire warehouse is being relocated to Frick (AG). From now on, Switcher will be present from its new logistics platform in the heart of Switzerland with new offices.


Relaunch of the Swiss Vision brand with a sustainable collection for the souvenir industry.