How to choose the right colors for your skin tone

If you don't know what colors go best with your skin tone, it can be difficult to dress right. But even if you have a good sense of what looks good on you, sometimes an outfit or piece of clothing just doesn't look right. You've found the perfect pair of pants, but they're just too boring or too bright - what's the point? That's when it helps to know your own skin tone. 

Here you can learn which colors suit you best and how to choose colors that perfectly match your skin tone

oversized t shirts hanging organized by color, in rainbow colors

Know your undertone.

To find the right color, it is important to know your undertone. 

You can determine your undertone by looking at the veins on the underside of your wrist. 

If they look blue, you have a cool undertone; if they look greenish-yellow, you have a warm undertone. If they look like a mixture of both, you have a neutral undertone.

Colors that best suit your undertone

If you have a cool skin tone, blues and greens are more likely to suit you. People with cool skin tones tend to have pale skin and should therefore avoid warm colors like orange and yellow, as they may make them look washed out. The best colors for people with a cool skin tone are blues and greens, which will make their complexion glow!

image with row of bob t shirts in different colors that suit persons with cool undertones

If you have a warm skin tone, the best colors for you are reds or orange tones. Pink tones or even purple also look good on you, if they are not too dark (like plum). 

image with row of bob t shirts in different colors that suit persons with warm undertones

If you have a neutral undertone (i.e. neither warm nor cool), stick to cooler blues/greens as they won't clash with the base coloration of your face or hands.

Now that you know what colors look good on you, you can put together a wardrobe that will help you get ready every morning with ease. On the Switcher website you will find a wide range of colors that suit you! 

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